Thanks for your interest in blogging for Barcelona SAE. If you’re passionate about everything Barcelona, like we are, we would love for you to share it! From culture, food, people, travel tips, internships and academics we want to hear it all!

Some Guidelines

We love getting student and alumni articles about travel stories and recommendations, food posts (yum!) homestay experiences and academic reflections … anything about your Barcelona Experience!

If you would like to submit a blog posting, we will ask that you consider each of these requirements:

  • Be in the Barcelona SAE familia! We want to hear from current students and interns, alumni of our programs, staff members, university partners, parents, homestay families, internship supervisors.. anyone who knows what Barcelona SAE is all about!
  • Pics or it Didn’t Happen. Be sure to include your original pictures in your blog posting. Words are great but including pictures will bring your post to life!
  • We want to know about you. Please include your name, program (Internship/ UAB/UPF/ UB/SIS etc.), year/term, your home university and major. Alumni, let us know what you are up to now and how your Barcelona SAE Experience has influenced you!
Content and technical specs

So we can review, approve and post your article, please include the following;

  • Article title
  • Your Name and Information as described at left.
  • Content must be 100% unique and original.
  • Written in gramatically correct English
  • Min word count 400, max word count 5000 words
  • Any associated images.
  • All images to be jpg format and no larger than 1000px wide. (Please use a free online image resizer to edit your images)
  • Full rights to use all supplied images
  • List of sources and references if required
  • All guest posts may be shared on social media platforms.

Once the above criteria are met and your article is approved we will connect with you when it has been posted on the Barcelona SAE blog. Happy writing!

*** No submissions or advertisements from outside writers or bloggers will be accepted – you must have ties to our organization*** 

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