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Barcelona fashion was something that I was TOTALLY clueless about before I came here.  As I was packing I was told a bunch of different things – lots of layers, boho, normal clothes. All of this was pretty vague and when I googled “fashion in Barcelona” I was taken to a tourist website with a girl wearing a skirt past the knee and a top.  Needless to say, that was no help.

However, I quickly learned that there are tons of different styles here in Barcelona…so there’s no need to totally change your style before you come!

My findings? Lots of layers, scarves, and boots or flats. Pack comfortable shoes that can take a beating! I’ve walked more here than I ever have in my life! Another interesting fact is that Spanish women hardly ever show their bare legs. Many of them wear dresses, skirts, shorts but all with different colored/patterned tights or leggings underneath. Leather, jean, and canvas jackets are also pretty big here.

One important note is that you hardly ever see Spanish women in yoga pants and a sweatshirt on the street…so if your plan is to look like a local, you’ll probably only need a pair to go to the gym.  Also, keep in mind this is mostly for the seasons of winter and spring, and summer may be totally different!


Submitted by Kristen Bathan
California State University – Fullerton
UAB Semester Program, Fall 2012


Kristen Bathan

Kristen is a Business Administration major from California State University - Fullerton, and studied abroad at UAB during Spring 2012.