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My name is Jordan Guilfoy, and I am a student from Missouri State University that is currently on my 3rd week of my virtual internship. Although COVID has been challenging time for our world, my experience through Barcelona SAE has been nothing short of amazing so far.

Why? Barcelona SAE was really easy to work with and gave me a ton of information about what I needed to do and what I needed to know. The experience, even from home, has been great so far and it was wonderful to still have the opportunity to work in a global setting from home.

In my first week of the internship, there was a lot of information thrown at me – but it was all VERY helpful. I was in two zoom meetings to start the week – the first was with staff from the Barcelona SAE internships department who went over all expectations, made sure I felt prepared to start my internship, and to make sure all of my questions were answered. The second meeting was with my internship supervisor, who provided an introduction to the company as a whole, let me know what I was going to be working on, and made sure that I understood exactly what needed to be accomplished.

After those initial meetings, I was excited to jump right into the job at hand. I was given clear tasks and specific deadlines and started on real-world projects that very first day. My title is “Communications Intern” and so far I’ve been involved in market research, economic and competitor analysis, and content translation.

My company supports organizations, companies, and clubs to create and implement projects related to the development of women’s sports. They cover all aspects of the action plan, from marketing to sponsorship, while maintaining a global mindset that positions their players for success anywhere in the world. Additionally, they focus on all aspects of the player, honing in on technical, tactical, mindset, mental and physical skills.

As an International Management major, this has been such a worthwhile experience so far. I am learning so much about the business world, how companies work with others, and most importantly, how I can integrate all of the information that I have learned in school to apply within a professional setting. You can learn more about Barcelona SAE’s virtual internships here.

In closing, I would strongly recommend a virtual internship to everyone – it is a once in a lifetime experience that really allows you to grow and learn a ton of information!

Jordan Guilfoy

Jordan is an International Management major from Missouri State University, and interned virtually in Barcelona in Summer 2021.

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