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I love thrifting and what better place to thrift than in another country!

So after my internship one evening I did some searching on the Internet of good places to thrift in Barcelona. I came across all kinds of reviews and blogs but narrowed my stores to Holala Ibiza and Humana because they were on the same side of town (near Las Ramblas) and boy oh boy did I love it! Holala Ibiza, on Carrer dels Tallers, is a bit expensive but all their items are vintage! I ran across some authentic Levi Jeans, and jean jackets. I ended up purchasing a great bowtie, a scarf, and burlap Russian messenger bag all for 27€.

As I journeyed to my next thrifting location, I couldn’t help but think of all the possible outfits for my new bowtie. The next store was called Humana (beside Venca) on Ronda de la Universitat. Humana is similar to Goodwill and has a good selection to pick from as well. From there I ended up getting a scarf and a red and white-stripped tie for little less than 6€.

I’m definitely going back to Holala Ibiza to get a vintage jacket. Apparently, they have 2 stores around the same area, off of Las Ramblas.

Oh, and a wise hint – DON’T SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY ON LAS RAMBLAS! There are better places to shop and spend your money, so get out and explore.

By JeLisa Smallwood, Berea College


JeLisa Smallwood

JeLisa is a Business Administration major from Berea College, and interned abroad during Summer 2013.