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By Becca Justinger, University at Buffalo
Internship Program

This past Thursday night I took a Spanish cooking class and it was so much fun! While I was a little disappointed that I didn’t learn to make the whole meal I understood because there were so many people it would have been impossible. They split us up into groups and my group made the Spanish tortilla! They even let me flip the tortilla! Spanish Tortilla is like a big thick omelet and is usually made with onions and potatoes but can be varied depending on what you like. My host mom usually makes it for me with green vegetables!


Our whole meal was the typical Spanish meal complete with pan con tomate, gazpacho, Spanish tortilla, paella and crema catalana. Pan con tomate I explained in one of my earliest posts but it is an appetizer with tomato guts, garlic, olive oil and salt all on toasted bread. It is definitely one of my favorites and a staple in ever Spanish meal. The gazpacho is a cold soup with pureed vegetables, very refreshing! The paella can be made with any type of meat or even vegetarian, the one we made was with chicken! I liked this because I still haven’t found a seafood that I like yet.
As you can probably tell the paella is a rice dish with a lot of vegetables. There are so many different recipes for paella it all depends on the eaters preferences but we were taught the way to make the best paella is to take your time and add in the love of course. Lastly, for dessert we had crema catalana which I thought was just creme brûlée but I was quickly corrected. Apparently, the difference is that they used condensed milk and don’t cook it in the oven. They let me use the flame thrower to caramelize the sugar on top! It was thrilling but nerve-wracking at the same time, I didn’t want to burn it!
I am really enjoying the food here, maybe a little too much! I can’t wait to come home and cook for anyone who wants to try some typical Spanish food!


Becca Justinger

Becca is a Marketing major from University at Buffalo, and interned abroad during Fall 2015.