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Salsa Master?

By July 20, 2013November 10th, 2020No Comments

By JeLisa Smallwood a Barcelona SAE summer intern

Today we learned to salsa *cues music*!! There was only 6 students plus our 2 advisors but the smaller the better, especially for dance classes and things that may require a little one-on-one time. The dance studio was not far from the metro stop and was really close to the Chocolate Museum and Picasso Museum. (Learning my way around)

Salsa class with my instructors

There was a male and a female teacher and they wasted no time teaching us the moves. We learned approximately 2 8-counts at a time and even did it with music a few times before we learned the entire thing. I was put on the spot and chosen to show the group how to do a move we all called “Beyonce.” The move is very similar to something she does in her Single Ladies video and the instructors thought it fit well and called it “Beyonce” for the rest of the class. Of course I didn’t mind being put on the spot, meant I was doing something right. The male instructor even asked for my number *wink* It took all of about 30-40 minutes to learn and practice the entire dance. After that we broke up into two groups and one group watched the other dance and vice versa. Next the instructors joined us and we battled each other. The groups faced each other and the Battle of the Salsa began! (Of course I was in the group with the male instructor!)

I enjoy dancing/stepping so today was right up my alley! I think this is a great activity for students to attend! It’s definitely a workout if you’re not used to it but there’s a first time for everything! I think I successfully mastered my first salsa class.

JeLisa Smallwood

JeLisa is a Business Administration major from Berea College, and interned abroad during Summer 2013.