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By JeLisa Smallwood a Barcelona SAE summer intern

Today I went to Sala Mountjuïc, an open-air film festival at the Mountjuïc Castle. Even waiting on the bus to get up to the castle you get a really pretty view of the Mountjuïc Fountain, Las Arenas, and of the two Venetian Towers in Plaza Espanya. The movie starts at 10 pm but people arrive about an hour or so earlier to hear good music and to get a good spot. The tickets are only 6€ and on the walk up to the actual spot there’s a great view of the city.

Sala Mountjuïc

I’m from a small town in North Carolina and I’ve never been to an open-air movie so I didn’t know what to expect. When I was explaining it to my family and friends I told them it was like a drive-in movie without the cars. Gladly our program advisors told us to dress warm, and to bring blankets and snacks. To my surprise people brought full meals out – bocadillos, guacamole, chips, jalapenos, wine, beer etc. Of course I was hoping someone would share with me, but they didn’t. So I enjoyed my measly snacks and waited for my roommate Sarah to arrive.

To say the least the experience was great! The movie was in English, with Spanish subtitles and I found myself reading the Spanish and not even paying attention to the English at times. If you’ve never seen Drive – be aware it’s really graphic, but a great movie. Plus Ryan Gosling is lovely to look at

JeLisa Smallwood

JeLisa is a Business Administration major from Berea College, and interned abroad during Summer 2013.