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By Samantha Schefka, University of Michigan

Today, we are going to a winery. This vineyard is where Cava is made. Cava is similar to champagne. However, it cannot be called champagne because technically champagne is only produced in one region of France. Because of this, this company called their product Cava. The tour was incredible. We went down into the cave of the winery, saw some of the first bottles produced, and tasted the product. I thought it was excellent. I am still confused as to how these products can be so cheap in Spain. I understand that there is less transport cost, fewer taxes, and a massive market; however, it still seems crazy to me. Cava cost me 15 USD for two bottles. How can products claim to be so high quality, but also be so cheap? Regardless, I enjoyed the vineyard and the wine itself. After we went to Sitges. I ended up falling asleep in the library, but I have been there before. It is truly a beautiful town! When I come back to Spain, I will make an effort to stop at Sitges Overall, this was a great trip that I enjoyed very much. Once again I am happy the program takes us to places outside of Barcelona.

Today has been a very relaxing day. I went to class at 9:15 am (too early), but after I made my way to the beach. The beaches here are beautiful, even the touristy beaches. Being a tourist myself I enjoy these beaches as well. I went into the ocean, for a swim. I laid in the sun. I also played in the sand. This seems like a very juvenile activity, however, I find it very relaxing to watch the sand run through your fingers. Despite my enjoyment, all good things must come to an end. After, I went home for dinner for my host mom’s (Rosa’s) house. She always makes us a wonderful dinner. I appreciate how much she seems to care about her students. She is always so helpful, not only with any questions I have but also have really improved my Spanish language skills because of her. I am able to carry on a conversation with locals and navigate my way around Barcelona without much of a problem. Overall, I have had a great experience here.

Today we were in Tarragona. I had no idea that Roman Ruins existed in Spain, let alone so close to our location. It was amazing to see the towers and the arena. I could imagine myself in Roman times at the center of the arena. It must have been an incredible feeling. I love that the program took us outside of Barcelona. There is so much more to see outside of the extremely touristy parts of Barcelona. I have really bonded with other students on the program because of these trips.

Samantha Schefka

Samantha is from University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, and studied abroad at SIS during SUmmer 2018.

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