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By Mateo Grajales, Illinois Wesleyan University

Ever since I decided to study abroad in Barcelona, I knew I wanted to work there. I mean how cool would it be to work in and study in another country? I would be fully immersed in Spanish culture.

Barcelona SAE helped me get an internship with ConrenTramway, a real estate investment and asset management group. I was responsible for the market research of transaction and lease comparable for the target market following the company’s investment strategy. I assisted in the preparation of the investment memorandum and teaser presentations for investors. I also collaborated with the preparation of investment models for the analysis of target assets. ConrenTramway was very helpful and insightful with Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

At first, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do all the activities and visit all the places that I wanted to. I had to work 20 hours and go to school for 16 hours a week, which was from Monday to Thursday. I was able to improve my time management skills to do all of this work and still be able to visit 5 countries, do a ton of the activities and tours, and still have free time to hang out with my friends.

I cannot thank ConrenTramway or Barcelona SAE enough for giving me this amazing opportunity!

Mateo Grajales

Mateo is from Illinois Wesleyan University, and studied abroad through a Customized Program in Spring 2019.

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