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by Savanna Steck, Illinois Wesleyan University

For anyone who’s gone abroad you know the struggle of traveling light. It’s just you and a carry on for all the essentials…so what are the essentials? How do you decide what to bring? Well here’s a little peek into my process!

1. Find your carry on bag. That can be an airline approved suitcase or a weekender bag. Personally, mine is a lovely canvas and leather weekender. I usually just sit and contemplate packing for a bit after that.

2. Take out most of the clothes in your closet and stare at them. This is the most overwhelming part, but don’t get discouraged! Break your clothes packing down by day. For the average weekend, I pack one outfit per day. So a shirt and pants and all the underthings. If you want to save space use the same outfit for travel days!

3. Make sure you have a cardigan or some other type of sweater thing you can layer with. I bring a cardigan and a light vest. That way I have lots of options.

4. Pack an extra pair of socks. You never know what’ll happen. But if it rains or something I hate having wet feet.

5. Don’t forget pjs!! Seriously double check ya have that. Really you probably only need one pair for a weekend.

6. Layout that outfit for your first day of travel the night before. That way you can include cardigans or accessories in that outfit, and you don’t have to pack them. Usually any jewelry I bring I wear on the plane.

7. Grab your toothpaste and toothbrush and shove them in a plastic baggie. That baggie is key for avoiding being searched.

8. Just bring the bare minimum of toiletries. Grab that travel shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Deodorant is a must. Please don’t skip that. Maybe consider just bringing the cover-up and mascara. Do you really need the rest of your make up?

9. Invest in a little travel pill container. Stock it up with a couple essentials and keep it in your purse. I always have some Advil for the road and an allergy pill.

10. Don’t forget about those boarding passes!!! Print, download, do whatever ya gotta but have them on you. I always put mine in with my passport so hopefully I remember both.

And that’s it really. The less you can live with, the easier it is to travel around, so make sure to pick outfits that can easily go together. Plus then you have room for any treasures you pick up!

Have fun Travelling!

Savanna Steck

Savannah is a Political Science major from Guilford College, and studied abroad at SIS during Fall 2019.

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