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The ingredients for this particular BarcelonaSAE day trip included visiting and learning about an ancient city, and basking in the sun with other sun-baskers. I highly recommend all the day-trips and optional excursions with BarcelonaSAE as they are smoothly planned out – from transportation to sightseeing, to food and immersive activities. The day trip to Girona and Costa Brava was definitely an excellent example of a good time well planned.

Here’s a rough run through of our itinerary from my perspective:

  • Personally, I enjoy learning about the history and upbringing of the places that I visit; therefore our guided tour was perfect for me, as they enriched my knowledge of Girona. This multi-cultural city was initially inhabited by Iberians and has undergone around twenty-five sieges. It has historical ties to the Romans, Moors, Jewish and a plethora of other occupants as well.
  • After the guided tour we had some ice cream and hopped onto a bus towards Costa Brava where we had the option of either hiking the Camino de Ronda, or swimming in the Calella de Palafrugell.
  • We didn’t have to worry about buying any food because the staff of Barcelona SAE provided us with bread and jamón/tortilla, snacks and water. It was absolutely perfect for the constant movement of our itinerary.
  • I decided to take the hike up the Camino de Ronda, and the views were absolutely astounding – probably one of the most beautiful bodies of water that I’ve ever witnessed. This trail starts in Costa Brava and leads to France, as it was originally used to sight pirates along the coast, and was later used during the Spanish civil war as people escaped over the border.
  • After this breathtaking hike, we took a swim at Cala Golfet near Cap Roig, where we encountered warm waters, spectacular views and a beautifully surreal surrounding.

We headed back to Barcelona a bit burnt and sweaty, but it was definitely well worth it.

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