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Recently, a group of students and interns spent the day outside of Barcelona on one of our cultural day trips to Codorniu, a winery, and Sitges, a beautiful beach town just outside of the city.

After a short bus ride, the group arrived at Codorniu, a winery that produces bottle-fermented sparkling wine. It was founded in Catalonia in 1551 and produces 60 million bottles of cava, the word known in Catalonia for sparkling wine, every year. The tour guide was great and very interactive with the group which made it even more enjoyable.

After the tour was finished it was back on the bus and on the way to lunch in Sitges, a Spanish town on the coast southwest of Barcelona. The town is known around the world for its Carnival and Film Festival, as well as beautiful beaches and historical sites.

Everyone seemed hungry and the food at the restaurant was delicious, making it a success. After lunch, the group enjoyed a few hours of free time around the city either at the beach or walking around the shops. Overall the trip was a great opportunity for the group to get a feel for life outside of Barcelona and to experience traditional Catalan culture.

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