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Challenges to Prepare for in Barcelona

by Dominic Occhiuzzo, Florida Gulf Coast University Studying abroad is an exciting adventure that is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  However, every student is sure to face some type of challenge or barrier over the course of the semester. An important aspect of life is to be able to welcome these challenges and better yourself by overcoming them. When prepping to come to Barcelona, I had an unlimited amount of questions that caused me to have anxiety and fears about possible challenges and whether I would be able to overcome them – things like the language barrier,...

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Study Abroad Experience Alive After Returning Home

You have just returned home from an amazing time studying abroad; you saw new places, met new people, and were completely integrated into another culture.  You may have learned a lot about yourself and even re-examined your priorities, values, and what you think of the United States and the culture you were brought up in. You are sad to leave, but excited to get back and tell everyone about your travels, and excited to get back to familiar ground and pick-up where you left off.  However, the reality may fall short of your expectations as life in the US...

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Want to Become a Better Entrepreneur? Travel Abroad

By Sam Areman, Student Advising & Partner Relations Coordinator Countless factors contribute to a successful entrepreneur’s career path, but what is the role that education abroad specifically contributes to this process? Is there an actual correlation between entrepreneurship and traveling abroad? Let’s take a look. A History of Entrepreneurs Abroad In 1983, Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO and chairman, traveled to Italy and was awe-struck at the brilliant espresso cafes he witnessed throughout Milan. The cafes gave people a meeting place to share in an experience, a novel idea at the time for the United States. Schultz brought this...

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Homesickness While Abroad

By Laszlo Van Straelen, Guilford College It’s no secret that being abroad for a long time can be full of highs and lows. There will always be excitement when one is leaving home to live in another country for a while. The first few weeks of a study abroad experience is usually experimental, where you get used to the cultural differences and explore as much as possible. There are plenty of events to attend and meeting people is very easy. After the excitement wears off, some people may begin to feel a sense of homesickness. This can be especially...

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Embracing Discomfort

Hola chicos, qué tal! My name is Kendra Espiritu, I am a Junior at New Mexico State University, born and raised in Las Cruces, NM. I am pursuing my Bachelor’s in International Business and minoring in International Studies and Spanish. Here in the beautiful city of Barcelona, I am attending the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and taking international business and humanities classes in both Spanish and English. I am living in an apartment in the heart of the city with the coolest roommates, exploring the city by foot, meeting new people, making life long friends and of course constantly practicing...

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