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The 7 Stages of Reverse Culture Shock: Helpful Tips for Students & Parents

Barcelona SAE understands that studying or interning abroad can be a life-changing experience for students. It is important to remember that how this affects students can manifest in different ways…from new hairstyles and wardrobes, to craving different foods, to a newfound interest in politics or international news – and everything in-between. Parents and family members should be prepared for students to feel some degree of reverse culture shock upon returning home. This may mean that while students are readjusting to life “back home,” that they undergo feelings of depression or a longing to return abroad. STAGES OF TRANSITION &...

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How to Use Your Study Abroad Experience to Land Your Dream Job

Original Post by Michele Friedmann, Former Graduate Intern   In today’s world, more and more employers are seeking out culturally diverse and experienced employees who can work effectively in a global workplace. Studying or interning abroad has most likely benefited you personally, professionally and academically, but how can you use your time abroad to enhance your marketability and even land your dream job?  Employers recognize that those who have interned or studied abroad are likely to possess skills highly sought after and needed in the global economy: cross-cultural communication skills, economic and geographical knowledge, analytical skills, flexibility, ability to...

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Study Abroad Experience Alive After Returning Home

You have just returned home from an amazing time studying abroad; you saw new places, met new people, and were completely integrated into another culture.  You may have learned a lot about yourself and even re-examined your priorities, values, and what you think of the United States and the culture you were brought up in. You are sad to leave, but excited to get back and tell everyone about your travels, and excited to get back to familiar ground and pick-up where you left off.  However, the reality may fall short of your expectations as life in the US...

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Let’s Talk: TODOS Diversity Pre-Departure Series

Barcelona SAE is launching various webinars called Let’s Talk: TODOS Diversity Pre-Departure Series. These webinars are hosted by Barcelona SAE staff on the TODOS Diversity Committee. These webinars are open to everyone, and you don’t have to be a member of either community to join – all people and allies welcome! Topics are as follows: Let’s Talk: Race and Ethnicity in Barcelona    Participants will be given specific information about the history of diversity in Spain, the various ethnic communities living there today and their contributions to Spanish culture. Participants will also leave with specific information and resources, including how to report...

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10th Anniversary Site Visit

Barcelona SAE is proud to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in 2019. We recently invited our university partners to join us for a group site visit in Barcelona earlier this month. Here are some highlights from what was a very memorable...

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