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Coronavirus Updates – Spring 2020

The health and safety of our participants is always our #1 priority. Barcelona SAE continues to closely monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation worldwide through trusted sources such as the CDC, WHO, US Department of State and APUNE. We have been and will continue to be in regular communication with our students, parents and partners and will continue to post updates below. Our Preparation  We are closely monitoring all health and advisory resources including the CDC, US State Department, US Embassy in Spain, the WHO, and more for the latest updates about the COVID-19 and its impact on Barcelona and Spain.  We are updating...

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Visualization for Re-Entry

*Note for facilitator: you do not have to say every line in here. If you feel like it’s going on too long, you can cut some of them out.  SCRIPT Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. We are going to walk you through this journey that started a long time ago when you first decided that you were going to go abroad. When you made that decision, who was the first person that you told? What did they say? What did YOU say?  How did your family and friends react? At that time, what did you expect Barcelona...

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Fall 2019 – Political Update from Catalonia

Back in February, 2019, I wrote the last political update because the trial began of the 12 pro-independence Catalan leaders who were responsible for the referendum on Catalan independence. I’m writing again now because the trial recently ended, sentences were dealt, and tensions have flared. This is an opportunity for us to educate the students about what is happening and why, a reminder on how to stay safe and how this may affect their daily living for now. FIRST, A QUICK RECAP In October 2017, several Catalan politicians organized a referendum on Catalan independence that was deemed illegal according to...

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Barcelona SAE at NAFSA 2019

Barcelona SAE is excited to be attending the 2019 NAFSA: Association of International Educators Annual Conference in Washington D.C. from May 27-31, 2019. With our exclusive focus on this Mediterranean city, Barcelona SAE is a boutique study abroad and internship program that provides personalized attention. Ask any of our alumni and you’ll learn about their unforgettable academic, cultural, and professional experience – one that was beneficial not only during their time in Barcelona, but has given them a personal and professional advantage for the rest of their lives. MEET WITH OUR TEAM Want to learn more about our programs...

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Spring 2019 – Political Update from Catalonia

It has been a while since I sent the last political update on Catalonia but the current situation definitely warrants some new information. FIRST, A QUICK RECAP This past October 2018 marked a year since the politicians and leaders of the two major pro-independence organizations were put in preventive prison for organizing a referendum on Catalan independence. Following the non-binding referendum, the Catalan Parliament declared independence but the Spanish government said it was an illegal vote and jailed the people responsible. WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW WITH THE PRISONERS? After more than one year the politicians will have the chance to explain...

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