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Planning a Weekend Trip to San Sebastián

By Rebecca Land, Missouri State University During your study abroad experience, there is an abundance of cities to visit. One of my favorite places I’ve traveled to is San Sebastián. San Sebastián is a coastal city located on the northern edge of Spain. A friend of a friend recommended it, so my friends and I decided to plan a little getaway weekend. It ended up being such a gorgeous place, and now I recommend it to everyone I meet. How to Get ThereWe used the app Omio to find the cheapest route to San Sebastián. Traveling by bus ended...

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Visiting Seville

By Liliana Brown, California State University – Long Beach Hello! This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Seville and would like to share some tips to make your next trip there even better. Clothing Tips: Locals dress very formally. If you would like to blend in a little bit I would suggest wearing solid colors with one patterned article of clothing. It does tend to be a warm area, I was there in March and everyday it got up to at least 70 degrees (F). Bring some good sunglasses and sunscreen. I would also dress somewhat modestly...

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Running With the Bulls

By Samantha Schefka, University of Michigan Over the weekend I went to the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona. It was absolutely insane! My friend and I took a six hour bus ride and arrived late at night. After talking to the woman at the desk, I had all the information on when and where the interesting events were going to happen. The bulls run at 8 am and the best place to watch them run was the Plaza de Toros. Luckily, it was only a ten minute walk from the hostel my friends and I were staying...

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San Juan de Gaztelugaxe – Off the Beaten Path

By Francheska Riley, University of Wyoming Pais Vasco, like all of Spain, has many unknown treasures. One of my favorite discoveries from this side of the country was the hidden gem that is San Juan de Gaztelugaxe. This hidden island has been filmed in scenes of Game of Thrones, which is understandable because it looks like it comes straight from a fantasy world! I spent a weekend in Pais Vasco and the trek to see this island was on the very top of my to-do list. Our hostel was in Bilbao, a fascinating city with beautiful modern architecture and...

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Morocco Exchange

The Morocco Exchange was the most amazing trip that I could’ve asked for. I have never been somewhere even similar to the country, and I am so glad I decided to go with Morocco Exchange, my experience would not have been nearly as amazing if I had gone alone. Morocco tested my comfort zones, and I have never experienced true culture shock the way I did when we first arrived, I’m really happy I was able to experience it the way I did. It is so eye opening and humbling to be somewhere so different, with such a different...

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