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Some Tips for a Successful Semester Abroad

By Donovan Gayles, Susquehanna University Some of my early impressions about studying abroad for a semester were quickly put to rest after my first several weeks here in Barcelona. Here are some tips to help you out: Take classes seriously because it is possible to fail. If you’re in an apartment, there are plenty are grocery stores nearby and the prices are very similar to US stores, but don’t be afraid to eat out. Remember the exchange rate! The Euro is worth more than the USD ( 1 Euro = .75 USD). Invest in a fanny pack or bag...

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How to Conquer Semana Santa Travels

By Madeleine Guiard, Illinois Wesleyan University Semana Santa is a big travel weekend for Spaniards. A group of seven of my friends and I took advantage of the time off of school to go visit Italy and France. We had to do a lot of planning to make sure everyone was able to do what they wanted to do as well as stay on their budget. Traveling to Italy, our flight left at 6:30 AM so some of us slept at the airport overnight (I would NOT recommend!) and the remaining girls met up with us at the airport at...

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Tips for Traveling While Studying Abroad

Do it!  Even though traveling can be expensive, this might be your only opportunity to see as much of the world as you can. Obviously, it’s impossible to see every city/country during the semester, so do some research early on and choose a few destinations you really want to visit. Plan wisely. It’s important to plan out which weekends will give you enough free time to travel, as well as which cities are the best to travel to. I wrote all these notes on a calendar; I marked the three-day weekends and researched where I could go for the cheapest...

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Travel Journals

By Savanna Steck, Illinois Wesleyan University One of the coolest things about being abroad is seeing how everyone documents their travels. There’s just so many different ways to journal about your experience. I’m personally a big fan of the old-fashioned writing in a diary every day. I like the process of recounting my days and having a physical token of my travels. But you can tailor it to your tastes. Maybe keep a blog all about your journey. This way you can write down what you’re up to and add in all the cool pictures you’ve taken. Plus its...

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Friendship Abroad

Making friends while studying abroad is important to enrich your experience overseas. It’s a good way to find support, and have somebody who you can relate to. In the classroom, during activities and  events with other students, it’s not difficult to find people around you in the same boat. It’s important for everyone to  have good support, to face the challenges that come along with studying abroad. I found great support from the friends I made while studying abroad. they made those moments of nostalgia less impacting, and cheered me up when I needed it the most. It was...

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