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A Passion for Art

By Samantha Schefka, University of Michigan I have enjoyed my classes here more than most classes I take at the University of Michigan. As part of my program, I took a class titled: 20th Century Spanish Artists, Picasso, Dali, and Miro. Because of this class, I have a whole new love and perspective in art. I mainly studied art done by these arts known as “modern masters”; however, we also paralleled these artists with other artists that were famous during their time. Not only did we learn about the art but we learned about the life of the artist...

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Hiking Montserrat

By Becca Justinger, University at Buffalo Internship Program The past five days have been amazing not only because my best friend Dominique visited and I got to show her all around my favorite parts of this beautiful city, but also because we hiked the most beautiful mountain. It is called Montserrat and we went to the top of the tallest peak, called Sant Jeroni which reaches 1,236 meters (4,055ft) above sea level. The hike took us about an hour and a half to get to the top. We had quite the experience about halfway through, I heard rustling so stopped and stopped Domi from walking AND TEN FEET IN FRONT OF US ran two mountain goats. They were huge, I think they are called Spanish Ibex and oh my goodness it was terrifying but also so cool. It was something I never expected to see in the wild and although we were scared they would come back to charge us I felt like we were meant to see them in their natural beauty. From then any rustle in the trees from a bird or even our own footsteps seemed to keep us on edge. Unfortunately, I had the goPro off ): At the bottom of the mountain it was foggy and chilly but we ended up hiking above the clouds and it was nothing but sunshine and blue skies. As...

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¡Vida Festival!

By Ainsley Chac, University of California Riverside Internship Program Prior to coming to Spain I knew that I wanted to attend some sort of music event. Having previously worked at a concert venue and being a huge music lover, it was definitely on my personal bucketlist (check out BarcelonaSAE’s awesome bucketlist too!). I scavenged the Internet endlessly for music festivals and concerts to attend, and I finally stumbled upon the Vida Festival, where a few of my favorite artists were performing. Stoked out of my mind, I immediately rallied up some friends for a one-hour trip to Vilanova i la Geltrú, where the festival was to be held. Why was this festival so awesome? 1)   The Vida Festival was situated in the woods of Vilanova i la Geltrú, with various stages dispersed throughout sections of the forest. The ambiance was quaint and aesthetically pleasing with lights strung across resting areas, and locally crafted art. It was the perfect place to be at one with music and nature. 2)   Nowadays, the popular appeal of music is geared towards electronic music – which is great, but it gets repetitive and predictable listening to the build-up of a song followed by the beat drop. Vida was filled with a variety of artists – ranging from well-known singers such a Lana Del Rey, to other performers such as Andrew Bird. 3)   Each venue that I attended...

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By JeLisa Smallwood a Barcelona SAE summer intern This week the program had a day trip to Tarragona. Tarragona is an ancient city about an hour and a half south of Barcelona. The city is full of history and roman and a little gothic architectural heritage. We had a guided visit/tour and saw the Amphitheater, Roman walls, the cathedral, city council building, the Castellers statue, and more. The most interesting thing I learned on the tour was the history of the amphitheater. The amphitheater was built in the 2nd century AD. It was first used as a place for gladiator combats and even as a place to execute prisoners. In 259 the Christian bishop (Fructuous) and his two deacons, Augurius and Eulogius were burned alive in the arena. This event inspired the construction of a church dedicated to the first martyrs by the Visigoths. You can still see remains that resemble sort of a church or a building structure. The amphitheater is still a place of religious value to those who live in Tarragona. We also saw the Casteller Statue and went to the beach. I definitely recommend going on this day trip with the program, although only for a few hours, you still get to learn a lot about the history of Tarragona and see some really cool...

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A Beautiful Rainy Day in Palamos

Sunday started with breakfast at 9:30am. I would never usually have considered 9:30am early, but after breakfast at 8:30am the day before and being on the go all day, an extra hour of sleep seemed like a luxury. After breakfast, we went to the fishing museum in Palamos. Palamos is a little fishing town, and on the older side of town they still auction off the fish caught that day by the waterfront in the afternoon. I can’t say I’m very fond of either fish or tours, so I did not have high hopes for my morning. However, the...

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