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Playing with Fire and Other Safe Things

By Liliana Brown, California State University – Long Beach The festival of Santa Eulalia, Barcelona’s patron saint, was this weekend (going from Friday to Tuesday) and I joined in the festivities. The fire run, or in Catalan “Correfoc”, was fun, although I must say that there were not enough paramedics on hand to make me comfortable. It was more like a parade with fire and I got lucky enough to eventually get to the front. My host mom made sure I had a hood on and she was right because was it raining fire. Some other tourists did not get...

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10 Catalan Phrases You Should Learn

Check out our scavenger hunt from the student perspective! This is one of the many weekly cultural activities at Barcelona SAE that provides exploration of local culture beyond the...

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La Castanyada

By Becca Justinger, University at Buffalo Internship Program In Barcelona they have a tradition that occurs on the same day as Halloween back in the States, and it is called la castanyada. I was fortunate to learn first hand all about the tradition and its history from some of my students as I was able to tell them all about Halloween! The legend says that there is an old woman who dresses up in all black and hands out the traditional food. Catanyas, moniatos, and panellets which are roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes and panellets are these small sweet balls which...

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Becoming a Part of History

Although today is a very solemn day in history for America as no one could forget what happened in 2001, its a bit of a celebration here in Barcelona. On this day in 1714 Catalunya lost its independence to Spain but every year they celebrate their culture and stick to their roots. I was one of over a million people who stood in the street and celebrated la diada de Catalunya. It was so amazing to just feel the energy and join in the chanting. “I, Inde, Independencia!!” On the 27th of September there is going to be an...

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Discovering the Real Catalonia

By Brandon Burbank, WCCCSA Customized Program This weekend I got to explore a city called Girona. This is about 1.5 hours north from Barcelona. This city was a true city that is loyal to its region of Catalonia. Turns out, a lot of movies are filmed within this area because of how close it is to the beach and mountains. By day, there will be castelleres that reach heights of 8-10 stories. Seeing this city has shown me a part of Spain without the giris (tourists). Oh and the fact that everyone spoke Catalan before they spoke Spanish was...

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