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Illinois Wesleyan University Students Share Their Barcelona Experiences

Curious what it’s like to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain as an Illinois Wesleyan University student? Hear what students from Illinois Wesleyan University have to say about their experiences studying abroad through Barcelona SAE.  Thanks to Maddie, Anna, Emma, and Brianna for giving us an insider’s look at their Barcelona study abroad adventure.  Dreaming of having your own Barcelona adventure? Find a program that’s right for you and apply today!  Illinois Wesleyan University Study Abroad: Maddie Hutson Explains the Inexplicable Beauty of Her Study Abroad Experience Maddie Hutson, Illinois Wesleyan University student, studied abroad with Barcelona SAE in the...

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What to Expect From Classes in Spain

By Rebecca Land, Missouri State University  One thing that is often overlooked when mentally preparing yourself to study abroad is the thing that occupies most of your time abroad – classes! As expected, universities in Spain differ greatly from universities in the United States. Even universities within Spain can vary from each other. During my study abroad experience in Barcelona, I attended la Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). I took four different classes: Barcelona: Rise of a Design City, Pricing Policies, Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Research Analytics. The latter three were business classes that I took at the business school,...

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Infusing Education

We are first and foremost international educators, so everything that Barcelona SAE does has an end goal of education…and better yet, with an international twist. This is true for our students and staff, and fostering language acquisition is a large part of that...

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En Un Parpadeo – In the Blink of an Eye

By Ashley Boone, University of Washington For my final art project in my public sculpture, graffiti and interventions class, I chose to create a mural on one of the many legal walls in Barcelona. Barcelona has a long history of strong graffiti and urban art culture, and in the past has experienced severe backlash from authorities concerning the presence of graffiti. In the city, an organization called Wallspot delegates and manages public walls in the city for use by urban artists. An artist can reserve a space on and download a permit that allows them to paint there...

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My 7 Wonders of Spain

By Osman Zuberi, University of Michigan I’m currently taking a class called the ‘7 Wonders of Spain’ where I’m led by my wonderfully crazy teacher, Marta, all over the city of Barcelona as she shows us the history and special parts of the city. I look forward to this class every Tuesday and Thursday because I know every class with Marta will truly be an adventure. I decided to create my own 7 Wonders of Spain using inspiration from some of the things Marta has talked about, and my own impressions of this amazing country. The first stop on...

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