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Now that so many people have smartphones, we encourage you to bring it with you to Spain. It is very easy and affordable to get a Spanish SIM card once you arrive. (Keep in mind; please be VERY CAREFUL to keep an eye on your smart phone while in Barcelona to ensure it does not get taken.)

Today there is an app for nearly everything you can possibly imagine. We have discovered many apps that you can download on your smart phone with helpful information for preparing to leave home as well as living in Barcelona.

Preparation: Leaving Home

  • Awesome Note (+ToDo): Capable of unlimited note-taking uses including memos, diaries, must-remember info, to-do lists, travel journals and ongoing projects ($)
  • Healix Travel Vaccinations: Checks which vaccinations you need when traveling to any country in the world. Provides you with travel risks and advice. (Free)
  • Packing: This app creates lists of necessary items and checks them off as you go, everything you need when attempting to pack ($)
  • Visual Travel Checklist: It helps you prepare and pack for your trips. It provides an interface, which allows you to create up to 10 different checklists with 250+ tasks and items, all represented by their own unique icons. (Free Version & Paid Version)

Traveling: Hostel, Hotels & Flying

  • Hipmunk: Take the agony out of flight and hotel search. They compare all the top travel sights so you don’t have to. Hotels are shown on a map so you can see where you’ll be staying. (Free)
  • This app is a quick way to secure and book a hostel wherever you go. (Free)
  • Gate Guru: This app allows you to receive real-time flight status information, view your TripIt and KAYAK itineraries, view airport security wait times, see a structured list of airport food, shops, and services. (Free)
  • Skyscanner: This is a quick and convenient way to find and book flights from any locations to any destination. It provides all necessary flight information, airlines and prices and then allows you a range of ways to book your selection. (Free)
  • Kayak: This is a multi-purpose travel app, helping you find and book flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. (Free Version & Paid Version)
  • CouchSurfing: This app will help you travel cheap on weekends or on your breaks during your time studying abroad. It connects you with people who have at least a couch, but maybe even a bedroom, to let you sleep on for the night as your travel. (Free)

Communication: In Spain and Back Home

  • Skype: An easy way to communicate with friends and family from home. You can video chat, call, or just type a message with a Wi-Fi connection. (Free)
  • Vonage Mobile and Viber: Both people communicating can download this app to avoid roaming charges. You can purchase calling minutes through iTunes with Vonage. (Free)
  • WhatsApp ($), TextNow (Free): Instead of paying for an international plan, use these texting apps that allow you to text friends and family for free with a Wi-Fi connection
  • Postagram: This is a great app if you don’t want to spend money on stamps, but would like to send your family or friends a postcard. All you do is take a picture on your phone (or use one from facebook) add a caption; send it in and postagram with send a real postcard directly to the destination. (This app is free; however, you do have to pay 99 cents for each cart.)

Getting Around: Transportation in Barcelona

  • Barcelona Metro Map: This app gives you the metro knowhow you need to get from A to B in this beautiful historic city. (Free)
  • Ulmon Barcelona: This is a Barcelona travel guide and offline map. It includes in-depth guide articles with text and images of sights and attractions, as well as tips from fellow travelers. (Free)
  • Barcelona Official Guide: This app has over 1,000 references and 350 photos, practical and essential information, and factsheets with direct links. (Free)
  • AccuWeather and Weatherbug: If you’re traveling between cities and countries on the weekends, you’ll want to dress for the weather. (Free)
  • HAILO: Use this app to get a cab wherever you are, whenever you want. All it takes is a tap of your Android phone. When you arrive at your destination, you simply jump out of the cab-payment is automatic and a receipt is emailed to you instantly. (Free)
  • 700 City Maps: No need for Google Maps, this app gives directions, street names, without a need of Wi-Fi connection. (Free)
  • Yelp: Use this app to search for places around you to eat, shop, drink, relax, and more. (Free)
  • SitorSquat: Bathroom locator. This may come in handy when in an unfamiliar area. (Free)
  • Wi-Fi Finder: This app allows you to quickly and easily find free or paid Wi-Fi in over 650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide. (Free)

Finance Apps

  • Trip Boss Expense & Budget: There is a currency converter, a tip/split calculator, and you can even take photos of receipts for use with the included reimbursement functions. ($)
  • Convert Any Unit Free: Converts measurements like Celsius to Fahrenheit as well as a many currencies. (Free)
  • Currency Banknotes: With this currency-converting app you can see an image of what each bill in a selected currency should like, in addition to being able to calculate the exchange rate. (Free Version & Paid Version)
  • BillPin: This app makes splitting bills and storing payment information simple. It helps track expenses and the amounts you and your friends owe each other. (Free)

Translation and Dictation Apps

  • iTranslate: This app will help you translate phrases you may need to know or may have forgotten during your stay in Barcelona. (Free)
  • Google Translate: Translates words and phrases by speaking the text instead of typing it. You can access your translation history when offline, and spell out the translation of non-Latin script languages. (Free)
  • Word Lens: This app will help you translate anything from a menu you can’t translate, to a sign. All you do is point your iPhone camera at the text and the app translates it! (This only works for Spanish to English/English to Spanish) (Free)
  • iPronunciation: This Google app can help you translate 53 languages and help you pronounce it. ($)
  • Interpret: Translates over 50 languages for free and allows you to email your translations, post to Facebook, tweet them or tag translations as favorites and save them. (Free)

Photography Apps

  • PicsArt Photo Studio: Allows you to edit and filter-but also lets you arrange collages, highlight parts of the image with color, and import from Facebook. (Free)
  • SeeMail: With this app you can send 33 second audio clips along with photos and captions (Free)
  • Cycloramic: Takes panoramic photography to a new level. ($)
  • 1-second everyday: It shoots one second of video for everyday of your life, and then compiles videos for every month, year, or custom length of time (while you study abroad). It’s a commitment, but the final product is definitely worth it. ($)
  • Vine: This app is a great way to see and share life in motion. You can create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simply and fun way for your friends and family to see. (Free)
  • PhotoSynth: You can make panorama from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full “sphere.” (Free)
  • Instagram: Use instagram to add depth to photos with one-tap special effects then share them on Facebook, twitter, and more. (Free)


The Top 50 iPhone Apps For Studying Abroad

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