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Hi everyone, Grace here. I wanted to share a poem to illustrate the profound impact Barcelona has had on my life during these last couple months. I hope you enjoy and maybe even laugh a little along the way. I’ll never be the same after exploring, wandering, and breathing in the Barcelona air. These are the words my soul is singin’ out and can’t help but declare.

Barcelona Streets
Life is really different here in these Barcelona streets
Barcelona, you’re really growin’ on me
All these pigeons lining the street
Wandering from place to place with these lil’ feet of mine
Strolling down the street as if I’m brand new
Walkin’ on flowers if you know what I mean
Got that concrete under my feet
Windy, narrow roads all around me
Barcelona breeze whistlin’ through the trees
Clothes hangin’ on the line as a sign of the beautiful lives that reside here
Spanish conversations fillin’ my ears
Takin’ the metro everywhere I go
Dinner at 9 pm? My kinda ppl, let’s go
España estoy aquí
Ready for the adventure that will leave a lasting mark on me and this city
Different traditions, different ways of thinking, all opening my mind to a different lens of being
Moved to tears over this bright little city that has become a tiny piece of this little heart of mine
Life may be different here, but I’m different too
These streets are changing me, the way I am and the way I think
Evolving n growing into a better me
Always wanna remember who I am and who I’m gonna be as a result of living, thinking, n being in these
Barcelona streets

Grace Tarver

Grace Tarver is a Marketing major at Auburn University in Alabama. While studying in Barcelona for the Fall 2022 semester, she took classes at both the School for International Studies (SIS) and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).

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