Our Barcelona Bucket list features 100 of the best things to do in and around Barcelona (selected by our staff) and also a few student submitted finds too. Can you find all 100? Get out there and start exploring!

So, how’d you do?

1-20: You’d better get off your butt and start exploring! Or maybe you’ve just arrived, in which case, welcome to Barcelona!

21-40: You’ve scratched the surface, but you have a lot more to do!

41-70: Congrats! You’ve done a ton but have left a few things for your next visit.

71-100: Seriously? You’re practically a local by now! Muy bien! Molt bé!

Barcelona offers so many hidden corners and wonderful experiences for you to uncover. Find 5 of your own and tag the photo on instagram. Don’t forget to tell us the number on your bucket list (96-100) and what you’ve discovered!

We want to see your adventures!

We’ll give away monthly prizes for sharing all that you’ve been up to!

  1. First, make sure your Instagram account is public. (Some people make a new account just for their Barcelona adventures!) 
  2. Hashtag #BarcelonaSAE and #BarcelonaBucketList
  3. Leave a note of what you’re doing (aka “no. 79 At a correfoc” or “no. 66 Olympic Museum”)
  4. Good luck! We randomly select a winner each month!

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