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Well as my time here in Barcelona winds down I’ve been trying to plan my days so I can see everything.

As of Friday the 19th I still had Maremagnum (a mall near the Barcelona Port), Tibidabo, the Chocolate Museum, Labyrinth Park, Monserrat, and Museu Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya. This Saturday the 20th another student came to stay in the homestay I’m in. Her name is Leah and she just graduated from high school and is here on vacation, from what I was told.


So Leah and I decided to go to Maremagnum and tend to my shopping habit! I found a new make-up store that we don’t have at home called Kiko. On the way out I was accused of stealing something, not the most pleasant experience but I assured the lady I did not take anything and I planned on shopping for clothes first and then buying make-up. Another lady in the store vouched for me because she helped me find the foundation to match my skin-tone. In better news, I had my first crepe con chocolate – tastes like a chocolate chip pancake. I also found it amusing that here in Spain and I think in Europe in general, gofres (waffles) are eaten as a dessert or snack. In the US waffles are eaten for breakfast or sometimes for dinner with chicken (weird huh?).

JeLisa Smallwood

JeLisa is a Business Administration major from Berea College, and interned abroad during Summer 2013.