Author: Rich Kurtzman

Webinar Announcement: White Label Education Abroad Programs

Join Barcelona SAE for a FREE webinar this Thursday, June 28th from 10:00-10:30am EST to learn about best practices when working with providers to create your own white label program abroad. The webinar will be hosted by Darcy York, Director of Academics & Customized Programs and Christina Thompson, University Relations & Diversity Initiatives Coordinator. This webinar will give you a brief background on white label programs and how they may benefit your internationalization strategic goals. We’ll answer questions about expanding your brand, using a provider to create your own customized white label program, and give you examples of successful...

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Political Updates from Barcelona: What’s Happening Now?

Good Sunday afternoon to you, It has been a while since I’ve sent out the political update from Catalonia but I wanted to send one now for two reasons: 1) So many of you told me at the Forum Conference on Education Abroad last week how much you appreciate them and 2) Today has been a big day. In addition to these newsletter updates, Barcelona SAE will host a free webinar on Friday, April 6th at 11:00am EST with one of our Political Science professors to cover: Quick overview on the structure of Spanish government and how it differs from...

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Fall 2017 – Update #3 from Catalonia

Greetings from Barcelona, Here is an update on what’s happened since my last update: The Declaration of Independence has happened Just over an hour ago, the Catalan Parliament declared that they want to make Catalonia an independent state, or Republic, separate from Spain. Spain, in return, announced that they will invoke Article 155 of the Spanish constitution which allows them to take control of Catalan institutions. Where the media titles this “Spain will impose direct rule;” that phrase sounds extremely harsh to me.  From what I understand, what essentially will happen is that Spain will remove the Catalan President...

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Fall 2017 – Update #2 from Catalonia

Greetings from Barcelona, Here is an update on what has been happening politically since my last email: Public opinion: There have been huge, peaceful, demonstrations in Catalonia including a march on October 3rd on a day that was declared a general strike where many offices and public buildings closed down to protest the police violence during the October 1st referendum vote. Most flags waved that day were independence flags. There was a smaller protest this past Saturday encouraging dialogue with no flags and slogans that said “parlem/hablemos”, or “Let’s Talk”, and a protest this past Sunday with many Spanish...

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Fall 2017 – Update #1 from Catalonia

Greetings from Barcelona, I have been getting loads of questions from people trying to understand what is happening in Catalonia these days. You have no doubt seen some of the news coming out here recently. We are arguably living through one of the most interesting political periods in the last 40 years, but it can be confusing if you haven’t been following it so I wanted to help out with a little background. It would be impossible to sum up the current political situation in a short email but I am going to do my best. A brief background...

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