Author: Rachael Kacos

Mystery Inc. in Barcelona

By Kelly Greacen a summer intern with Barcelona SAE My friends decided to go to Legrono and Laguardia (in Rioja, Spanish wine country) this past weekend, and had a great time, despite a very rough start to the trip. My four friends were enjoying some lunch in the train station while waiting for their train, all of them very excited about the trip to come. At least until they got up to leave and get on the train. They were sitting at a table in the corner, when all of a sudden a middle-aged couple comes up and sits behind Kristen and Cody. They asked the couple to take a picture of the group before they left. According to my friends, they seemed jittery and taken aback by their request. Less than 10 minutes later, they got up to get on the train, and Kristen’s bag was nowhere to be found. My friend Nick thought she was just being dramatic at first, until they checked all around the table at realized the bag had been stolen. Kristen stood up and bolted out of the café. For a split second Nick thought she was playing a cruel joke. Once he realized she wasn’t joking, he sprinted after her in search of the woman who stole her things. As the two frantically left, Cody and Nikki had the brilliant idea to...

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A Bostonian in Spain

When I decided I wanted to go abroad to Barcelona, I didn’t really stop to consider the fact that my Spanish is minimal at best. I figured I’d see if I got into the programs I applied for, and figure it out then. Well “then” kind of snuck up on me, and here I am in Barcelona. I figured I’d pick up some Spanish just by being in Spain, and I am, but very slowly. The language barrier has given me a new appreciation for the ease of communication between people who speak the same language. On my (slow)...

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