Author: Rachael Kacos

Best Smartphone Apps for Studying Abroad in Barcelona

Now that so many people have smartphones, we encourage you to bring it with you to Spain. It is very easy and affordable to get a Spanish SIM card once you arrive. (Keep in mind; please be VERY CAREFUL to keep an eye on your smart phone while in Barcelona to ensure it does not get taken.) Today there is an app for nearly everything you can possibly imagine. We have discovered many apps that you can download on your smart phone with helpful information for preparing to leave home as well as living in Barcelona.     Preparation: Leaving Home Awesome Note (+ToDo): Capable of unlimited note-taking uses including memos, diaries, must-remember info, to-do lists, travel journals and ongoing projects ($) Healix Travel Vaccinations: Checks which vaccinations you need when traveling to any country in the world. Provides you with travel risks and advice. (Free) Packing: This app creates lists of necessary items and checks them off as you go, everything you need when attempting to pack ($) Visual Travel Checklist: It helps you prepare and pack for your trips. It provides an interface, which allows you to create up to 10 different checklists with 250+ tasks and items, all represented by their own unique icons. (Free Version & Paid Version) Traveling: Hostel, Hotels & Flying Hipmunk: Take the agony out of flight and hotel search. They compare all the...

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Barcelona Recap

By JeLisa Smallwood a Barcelona SAE summer intern One of my favorite children´s books is Oh, the Places You´ll Go! By Dr. Seuss. For the past seven and a half weeks that´s the one book that can explain my experience here in Barcelona. I´ve learned things about myself, about the culture here in Barcelona, and things at my internship that I am very appreciative and grateful for. At one point in time I wasn´t sure if I would be able to come to Barcelona due to finances but I had friends and family who were set on me going and would not allow me to pass this trip up. My last few days in Barcelona have been great! My favorite thing was the Labyrinth Park. It was so beautiful! The flowers, the maze, the different statues and just the scenery in general were amazing to see for myself (the pictures did not do this place justice). The re-entry workshop and farewell lunch was also great! It was awesome seeing everybody and talking about how much we’ve grown, things we can improve on, and just recapping our entire Barcelona experience. A bit bittersweet but I’m so grateful to have met everyone and to have had this experience. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You´re on your...

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Barcelona Beaches

Coming from a girl who lives on the coast in sunny Southern California, when I say there are some nice beaches here, I mean there are really some nice beaches in and around Barcelona. Honestly, my expectations were not very high in terms of the playas here when I first arrived. I have been pleasantly surprised! I end up visiting Bogatell Beach once or twice a week to get my fix. Taking the yellow line on the metro and walking down La Rambla Poblenou make getting to Bogatell a pleasant experience in itself. Volleyball courts always host a handful...

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Awesome Weekend!

By JeLisa Smallwood a Barcelona SAE summer intern Well as my time here in Barcelona winds down I’ve been trying to plan my days so I can see everything. As of Friday the 19th I still had Maremagnum (a mall near the Barcelona Port), Tibidabo, the Chocolate Museum, Labyrinth Park, Monserrat, and Museu Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya. This Saturday the 20th another student came to stay in the homestay I’m in. Her name is Leah and she just graduated from high school and is here on vacation, from what I was told. So Leah and I decided to go to Maremagnum and tend to my shopping habit! I found a new make-up store that we don’t have at home called Kiko. On the way out I was accused of stealing something, not the most pleasant experience but I assured the lady I did not take anything and I planned on shopping for clothes first and then buying make-up. Another lady in the store vouched for me because she helped me find the foundation to match my skin-tone. In better news, I had my first crepe con chocolate – tastes like a chocolate chip pancake. I also found it amusing that here in Spain and I think in Europe in general, gofres (waffles) are eaten as a dessert or snack. In the US waffles are eaten for breakfast or sometimes...

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Che Burritos

By JeLisa Smallwood a Barcelona SAE summer intern On a journey around the city today I found another fabulous restaurant in the Sarria area. I’ve been craving more Mexican food and instead of going to my usual restaurant (Andele) I decided to just walk around an area in the city I hadn’t been before. Barcelona is the perfect city to get lost in. Because there is always either a metro station close by or a bus stop and if you’re familiar with street names or a certain neighborhood then you can more than likely find your way back home or to a familiar location. The name of the restaurant is Che Burritos (Passeig de Sant Joan Bosco, 43). It’s a nice little restaurant, seats about 30 on the inside and has tables outside as well. BEST BURRITO I’ve ever had. I had the Carne Mexicano it had beef, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and cheese! It was huge too! So if you get the maxy one make sure you’re hungry, there’s only about a 60 cent difference between the maxy and the regular size so it may be worth it! Going to restaurants is also a good way to practice your Spanish as well. The waiter/waitress can usually tell that I’m American and ask me if I want them to speak in Spanish or English. I always tell them “en...

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