Author: Rachael Kacos

La Mercé

Hola readers! My name is Iryna, and I’m Barcelona SAE’s newest student blogger. I’ve hailed to Espana from Ball State University. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this midwestern gem, it’s about 45 minutes north of Indianapolis, Indiana. Two weekends ago, I experienced one of the greatest traditions in Catalunya – La Mercé. The celebration honors the patron Saint of Barcelona, Virgin de la Mercé and marks the end of the summer.  While the actual holiday was on September 24th, the city sparked with neighborhood pride for five full days. Whether you wanted to attend a concert, parade or traditional showing, there wasn’t any shortage of entertainment for all age groups. Best of all, the entire festival was FREE! The first event that I attended was a concert at Plaza Espana which is home to the Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya (MNAC). The stage was beautifully set up with a backdrop of Montjuic’s Magic Fountain as thousands of young Catalonians including the transplants like myself danced to the beats of local artists. After a few hours of mingling, my friends and I decided to call it a night, but we were deeply mistaken. As we stepped on the metro, the crowd continued to celebrate by singing national songs. The energy was contagious so we couldn’t resist but to join in on the chanting! Another, pinnacle event was...

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Why Barcelona SAE?

Elizabeth Aguillon is a UC Riverside student majoring in Business and studied in Barcelona through Barcelona SAE. It was early October of 2012 that I attended UC Riverside’s Study Abroad Fair. I was walking around looking at all the different programs that were being offered when I happened to walk by a table that simply said ‘Barcelona SAE’. Believe it or not that grabbed my attention right away. Barcelona, Spain had been my number one dream destination for quite some time. At the table there was a representative, Elena. If I had to think back on the one moment that convinced me to take that chance to study abroad it would be meeting and speaking to Elena. She was so excited about the program and it was very contagious. She made everything sound so great. Her passion and love for Barcelona was truly amazing. After hearing about the program and all it had to offer I was sold and had signed up to receive more information about the program and begin the process. A year later I am now currently studying here in Barcelona at BIC. I have been in Spain since September 3rd and it has already been the most amazing experience of my life. In only a couple weeks my life has been changed for the better in so many different ways. Everything that I have seen too has...

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Can Anyone Stop Spain at the 2014 World Cup?

Guest Post by Former Graduate Intern Michele Friedmann I am an avid soccer fan, and enjoy both watching and playing the sport. I played throughout high school, at the collegiate level, and even managed to find a co-ed team in graduate school to kick around with. It’s no wonder I’m counting down the days (286) until the World Cup in Brazil! Who are the favorites this year to win? Well, I’d have to say the list seems to be repetitive in that area. Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain…to name a few. Where is the United States on that list, you may ask? They DID recently win the Gold Cup victory defeating Panama in the championships. And they have won it four times since 2002. They’ve had an undefeated run through the North and Central American regional tournament. They outscored opponents 20 goals to 4, and they fielded their B team, leaving many to wonder just how good they can be at full strength. And perhaps even more exciting, the Gold Cup marked the return of Donovan, who took a sabbatical from the game. He exceeded expectations upon his return, and I’m excited to see what he produces in the World Cup! I’m desperately hoping the U.S. can make a run for it’s money and at least end up in the semi-finals. History tends to repeat itself though, and if...

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New Barcelona SAE Programs at the Universidad de Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Barcelona SAE is offering four new programs at the prestigious UPF: Hispanic and European Studies (HESP), Legal Studies Honors program, Business and Economics (ESCI), and a summer liberal arts program. Universidad de Pompeu Fabra (UPF) is a young, public and modern university founded in 1990 and is gearing up to be one of the leading European universities. UPF’s teaching model is based on a comprehensive education and a student-centered learning. The University is based on a policy of being an institution open to the world, incorporating prominent national and international researchers. The Spanish Ministry of Education awarded UPF with a CEI label (International Excellence Campus). Below are some impressive global indicators and rankings:  UPF received the highest rate of performance in the Spanish System One of the 20 European Universities with more projects funded by the European Research Council First Spanish university in research productivity High Satisfaction rate (93%) and job placements (87%) Times Higher Education ranking (2013): 25th highest ranked university in the world among those under 50 years of age QS ranking (2013): 25th highest ranked university in the world among those under 50 years of age Shanghai University ranking (2012): Among the 500 top universities in the world. By fields, it is the 1st Spanish university in Social Sciences and Management Ranking 2011 in research production and productivity in the Spanish university public system, published by researchers from the Granada...

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Hasta Pronto, Barcelona!

A post by Barcelona SAE summer intern, Jessica Airey Nobody likes to say “good-bye,” especially to a city that has impacted their life forever and totally stolen their heart. This week I reluctantly started to pack my things and cherish every last second I had left in beautiful Barcelona. This experience has changed me for the better in so many ways; more than just learning about Catalan culture, studying Spanish and gaining valuable internship experience, I discovered a lot of things about myself and grew in ways I didn’t necessarily anticipate. Living in a foreign country and striving to succeed in a new environment taught me how to be flexible no matter how uncomfortable I may feel and keep a positive attitude despite the situation. I discovered a lot of habits and false assumptions I had developed due to growing up in America and never knowing otherwise. For example, the US work ethic sometimes overwhelms our ability to take our focus off of deadlines and bottom lines to spend a little more time just enjoying life and really connecting with other people. In Spain, I took long walks, savored flavors slowly, purposefully got lost and never looked at my watch or phone when I was talking to someone. I learned not to define myself by a job title or list of accomplishments. Of course studying abroad has a different...

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