Author: Amanda Libero

10 things you’ll only get if you studied abroad in Barcelona

Amanda Libero University of Delaware 10 Things you will only understand if you studied abroad in Barcelona Cafe con Leche Say goodbye to Pumpkin Spice Latte, because cafe con leche is your new order. Half expresso, half milk, in a cup an eighth the size of a venti. It is the wake me up of Barcelona, and every 10 seconds you will pass a cafe with locals sipping their cafe con leche and reading the newspaper before heading off to work. Nevertheless, cafe con leche will become your new favorite drink, every single day. Sunday’s The deadest of dead...

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En Un Parpadeo- In the Blink of an Eye

Ashley Boone University of Washington UAB Fall 2018 For my final art project in my public sculpture, graffiti and interventions class, I chose to create a mural on one of the many legal walls in Barcelona. Barcelona has a long history of strong graffiti and urban art culture, and in the past has experienced severe backlash from authorities concerning the presence of graffiti. In the city, an organization called Wallspot delegates and manages public walls in the city for use by urban artists. An artist can reserve a space on and download a permit that allows them to...

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From My City to Yours

By Donovan Gayles, Susquehanna University There is always something about being in a new environment that makes you more appreciative. As I am now just approaching the mid-point of my semester abroad, I notice that I am developing a greater appreciation for culture and society. It is important that wherever you go that you bring your own culture and traditions as well. Being vulnerable and allowing yourself to learn about a new place will provide you with the best and most well-rounded experience. So far I have been enjoying my time in Barcelona, making friends, and trying to take...

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How to Spend a Weekend Alone in Barcelona

I know, this entry sounds sad, but in reality, it’s an empowering way to get to know a new city! If you have a weekend free, I have some tips and tricks to help you spend your time efficiently and cost-friendly in Barcelona! To begin, you first must do some research. Find some places you’re interested in, explore Google Maps to find the most efficient way to hit all of your stops, and lastly, make sure the things you want to see is open on the days you want to see them! If you can plan for your chosen...

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Cheap Eats in Barcelona

An important part of fully appreciating a study abroad program is becoming immersed in the country’s culture, especially the food. However, like any college student, I try to save money whenever possible and prefer to not spend insane amounts on food. Because of this, my friends and I have gained the valuable skill of searching for inexpensive food options which still incorporate some of Spain’s culture and satisfy our cravings for delicious meals. Below, I am going to list some of our favorite restaurants so far and compare them based on price level and overall quality. Buen provecho! Price:...

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