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The Little Things

Las Pequeñas Cosas ‘Well we missed the flight, rearranging, if it works we will let you know. Love you!’ -12:32 That’s a text I received from my Dad the day before my birthday. My parents had planned to come visit me to celebrate my 21st, but missed their flight leaving from Detroit. Two days and 13 hours of travelling later, they finally touched down in Barcelona. I think you can never appreciate everything that your parents do for you. I’ve been blessed with two amazing people who care about and love me very much, and I consider myself one...

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How to Conquer Semana Santa Travels

Semana Santa is a big travel weekend for Spaniards. A group of seven of my friends and I took advantage of the time off of school to go visit Italy and France. We had to do a lot of planning to make sure everyone was able to do what they wanted to do as well as stay on their budget. Traveling to Italy, our flight left at 6:30 AM so some of us slept at the airport overnight (I would NOT recommend!) and the remaining girls met up with us at the airport at the crack of dawn. While...

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My 7 Wonders of Spain

I’m currently taking a class called the ‘7 Wonders of Spain’ where I’m led by my wonderfully crazy teacher, Marta, all over the city of Barcelona as she shows us the history and special parts of the city. I look forward to this class every Tuesday and Thursday because I know every class with Marta will truly be an adventure. I decided to create my own 7 Wonders of Spain using inspiration from some of the things Marta has talked about, and my own impressions of this amazing country. The first stop on my 7 wonders tour of Spain...

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San Juan de Gaztelugaxe – Off the Beaten Path

Pais Vasco, like all of Spain, has many unknown treasures. One of my favorite discoveries from this side of the country was the hidden gem that is San Juan de Gaztelugaxe. This hidden island has been filmed in scenes of Game of Thrones, which is understandable because it looks like it comes straight from a fantasy world! I spent a weekend in Pais Vasco and the trek to see this island was on the very top of my to-do list. Our hostel was in Bilbao, a fascinating city with beautiful modern architecture and a really unique atmosphere, and to...

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Tips for Traveling While Studying Abroad

Do it!  Even though traveling can be expensive, this might be your only opportunity to see as much of the world as you can. Obviously, it’s impossible to see every city/country during the semester, so do some research early on and choose a few destinations you really want to visit. Plan wisely. It’s important to plan out which weekends will give you enough free time to travel, as well as which cities are the best to travel to. I wrote all these notes on a calendar; I marked the three-day weekends and researched where I could go for the cheapest...

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