Author: Savanna Steck

Just a Carry On

For anyone who’s gone abroad you know the struggle of traveling light. It’s just you and a carry on for all the essentials…so what are the essentials? How do you decide what to bring? Well here’s a little peek into my process! 1. Find your carry on bag. That can be an airline approved suitcase or a weekender bag. Personally, mine is a lovely canvas and leather weekender. I usually just sit and contemplate packing for a bit after that. 2. Take out most of the clothes in your closet and stare at them. This is the most overwhelming...

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Travel Journals

One of the coolest things about being abroad is seeing how everyone documents their travels. There’s just so many different ways to journal about your experience. I’m personally a big fan of the old-fashioned writing in a diary every day. I like the process of recounting my days and having a physical token of my travels. But you can tailor it to your tastes. Maybe keep a blog all about your journey. This way you can write down what you’re up to and add in all the cool pictures you’ve taken. Plus its easily shared with friends and family...

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Go Abroad

When you study abroad there are usually a whole host of orientations and packets to read about how to “fit in”. These are usually pretty helpful with hints like: “Look up the weather” or “Bring a bag that can’t be pickpocketed”. But then there are some other types of advice that maybe aren’t entirely true. I’m currently studying abroad in Spain and was astounded by how many misconceptions there are about the way things work. So here’s five things that no one tells you when you go abroad. 1. Everyone wears tennis shoes. I don’t know how many times...

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Pros And Cons Of Living In A Homestay

Don’t knock it till ya try it, everyone, staying in a homestay while abroad was one of the coolest things for me. But this living situation might not be for everyone. So here’s a little analysis of all the good and bad of living abroad. Pros of Living in a Home Stay -You get to experience the culture at a much closer level. Living with some opens you up to a whole host of new experiences. For me, I get to practice speaking Spanish with my host mom and she explains all about the Catalan culture. -Along those lines,...

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