Author: Liliana Brown

Playing with Fire and Other Safe Things

By Liliana Brown, California State University – Long Beach The festival of Santa Eulalia, Barcelona’s patron saint, was this weekend (going from Friday to Tuesday) and I joined in the festivities. The fire run, or in Catalan “Correfoc”, was fun, although I must say that there were not enough paramedics on hand to make me comfortable. It was more like a parade with fire and I got lucky enough to eventually get to the front. My host mom made sure I had a hood on and she was right because was it raining fire. Some other tourists did not get...

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10 Things You’ll Only Get if You Studied Abroad in Barcelona

By Amanda Libero, University of Delaware Cafe con Leche Say goodbye to Pumpkin Spice Latte, because cafe con leche is your new order. Half expresso, half milk, in a cup an eighth the size of a venti. It is the wake me up of Barcelona, and every 10 seconds you will pass a cafe with locals sipping their cafe con leche and reading the newspaper before heading off to work. Nevertheless, cafe con leche will become your new favorite drink, every single day. Sunday’s The deadest of dead days aka the perfect travel day. All stores are closed and...

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En Un Parpadeo – In the Blink of an Eye

By Ashley Boone, University of Washington For my final art project in my public sculpture, graffiti and interventions class, I chose to create a mural on one of the many legal walls in Barcelona. Barcelona has a long history of strong graffiti and urban art culture, and in the past has experienced severe backlash from authorities concerning the presence of graffiti. In the city, an organization called Wallspot delegates and manages public walls in the city for use by urban artists. An artist can reserve a space on and download a permit that allows them to paint there...

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Let’s Get Cooking!

By Ashley Boone, University of Washington I love to cook, but I haven’t been cooking much in Barcelona. Between dinner with my host family and taste testing new restaurants, most of my meals have been made for me. I had been missing spending time in the kitchen, so I was especially excited about the programs cooking class at Cook and Taste, a kitchen-classroom offering cooking classes in the Gothic. The activity was especially well-timed for the week after Thanksgiving. Every year I spend the day cooking with my mom, my grandpa, and the rest of the family to prepare...

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Some Tips for a Successful Semester Abroad

By Donovan Gayles, Susquehanna University Some of my early impressions about studying abroad for a semester were quickly put to rest after my first several weeks here in Barcelona. Here are some tips to help you out: Take classes seriously because it is possible to fail. If you’re in an apartment, there are plenty are grocery stores nearby and the prices are very similar to US stores, but don’t be afraid to eat out. Remember the exchange rate! The Euro is worth more than the USD ( 1 Euro = .75 USD). Invest in a fanny pack or bag...

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