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Four Reasons Why You Will Love Living in a Homestay

A homestay can be one part of meaningful cultural integration and increased safety of the study abroad experience. Homestays are designed to be a mutually valuable experience for both the hosts and the participant. We work to find homestays that want to share their culture and language with the students and create a warm and welcoming...

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Cultural Mentor Program

Each Barcelona SAE participant is assigned a team and a Cultural Mentor from our staff. Mentors will meet with their mentees regularly throughout the program to help them stay on track with their goals and provide...

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TODOS: What Does Diversity Mean to You?

While the definition of underrepresented students is broad, TODOS: The Outcomes-Based Diversity Outreach Strategy is focused on results/outcomes of diversity and inclusion measures put in place to remove the barriers keeping students and educational institutions of varied diverse economic, educational, ethnic and social backgrounds from studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. We asked a few of our Spring 2019 TODOS Scholars “What does the term ‘diversity’ mean to you?” Their responses might surprise...

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Barcelona SAE at NAFSA 2019

Barcelona SAE is excited to be attending the 2019 NAFSA: Association of International Educators Annual Conference in Washington D.C. from May 27-31, 2019. With our exclusive focus on this Mediterranean city, Barcelona SAE is a boutique study abroad and internship program that provides personalized attention. Ask any of our alumni and you’ll learn about their unforgettable academic, cultural, and professional experience – one that was beneficial not only during their time in Barcelona, but has given them a personal and professional advantage for the rest of their lives. MEET WITH OUR TEAM Want to learn more about our programs...

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Y Mañana Mas

By Tania Silva, Illinois Wesleyan University Today was a day where I was an emotional wreck from morning to night. I took my Nursing final this morning at 9am, and of course, I was so stressed as soon as I woke up. Once that was over with, my program had a farewell meeting/lunch and everyone shared their favorite pictures over the semester. Reflecting back on the four months I spent here, it was a wonderful opportunity to grow, learn, and change and something that I noticed in everyone that presented as well. Being away from home for such a...

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