Author: Barcelona SAE

Nursing in Barcelona

By Kira Jackson, Illinois Wesleyan University Over the last eight weeks observing the nursing staff on the respiratory floor at Germans Trias, I learned more about myself along with lessons to take back with me as a future nurse in the US. I was paired with a nurse on this floor, Judith, who had been working at Germans Trias for thirteen years. Most of my time observing Judith was on the ICU, or UCI, side of the respiratory floor. Almost all of the patients had tracheal stomas containing tracheal tubes for their severe pulmonary dysfunctions, therefore, making it hard for me to personally...

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My Spanish Family

By Francheska Riley, University of Wyoming When I made the decision to study abroad, I knew two things for certain: I wanted to study in Spain, and I wanted to live with a host family. Looking back now, I know that both were among the best choices I have ever made. Many students find the idea of living with a host family to be intimidating and think that it’s easier to spend their semester abroad in an apartment, in their comfort zone, with other American students. However, I can assure you, there is no greater experience than having your...

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Las Pequeñas Cosas

By Osman Zuberi, University of Michigan ‘Well we missed the flight, rearranging, if it works we will let you know. Love you!’ -12:32 That’s a text I received from my Dad the day before my birthday. My parents had planned to come visit me to celebrate my 21st, but missed their flight leaving from Detroit. Two days and 13 hours of travelling later, they finally touched down in Barcelona. I think you can never appreciate everything that your parents do for you. I’ve been blessed with two amazing people who care about and love me very much, and I...

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Missing Home While Abroad?

By Haley Rojek, Illinois Wesleyan University Many of the concerns I’ve heard from students when discussing study abroad have been about the fear of being away from friends and family for so long. While this is a valid concern, worrying about missing home isn’t a reason to miss out on the experience of a lifetime. So, in an attempt to ease some anxiety about traveling for a whole semester, here are some tips when it comes to dealing with homesickness: Stay busy! Doing as much as possible throughout every day and getting the most out of your experience abroad...

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How to Conquer Semana Santa Travels

By Madeleine Guiard, Illinois Wesleyan University Semana Santa is a big travel weekend for Spaniards. A group of seven of my friends and I took advantage of the time off of school to go visit Italy and France. We had to do a lot of planning to make sure everyone was able to do what they wanted to do as well as stay on their budget. Traveling to Italy, our flight left at 6:30 AM so some of us slept at the airport overnight (I would NOT recommend!) and the remaining girls met up with us at the airport at...

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