Author: Barcelona SAE

10th Anniversary Celebration

Barcelona SAE is proud to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in 2019. We recently invited all of our university partners, alumni, faculty, and local partners to join us for an evening of celebration in our beloved Barcelona. Here are some highlights from what was an incredibly magical...

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Personal Change

By Madelyn Swenson, Winona State University Distance, time, change, new place, new people. All of those will get you out of your comfort zone whether you like it or not. That is why I came. To get out of my comfort zone…something I have never been good at. But I can honestly say I am so happy I did it. I have learned so much about myself and it changed for the better. Everyone had their own experiences, good and bad but everyone I know will be going home a changed person. For me, leaving Minnesota for the first...

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A Newbies Guide to Dealing with Culture Shock in Barcelona

By Madelyn Swenson, Winona State University Being as this was the first time I was out of the country, I want to give some tips on what shocked me the most about Barcelona culture. My top 10 culture shock triggers to be exact. Culture shock is real! Do not doubt it will not happen to you because it will…I do not know one person here right now that said they did not experience it even a little bit. That being said the experience of culture shock is different for everyone. It also goes away. For me all of the...

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Differences Between Barcelona and the United States

By Madelyn Swenson, Winona State University As anyone who has traveled and will travel knows, the United States is different than the rest of the world. Some of these differences are small and some of them are big. For example, you might not notice the benches are more like rows of seats unless your friend points it out to you. Where as you are more likely to notice not driving every you go. Both of those examples are ways that Barcelona differs from the United States. The benches here look more like chairs in rows that are connected than...

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