Author: Amanda Libero

Going Solo

By Amanda Libero, University of Delaware At this point, it’s been almost a year before I decided to go abroad, alone. I craved the experience; I wanted the independence, so I decided to go head first with no friends by my side. Many would say I’m crazy, like they have, but some of you may think a little like me. Hesitations? Absolutely. But, for those who may want the solo experience but are a little afraid, fear not. I also decided to choose a homestay experience over an apartment. Once again, fear not; it is a great time. Now,...

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All Around the World in 80 Days

By Donovan Gayles, Susquehanna University Traveling to Barcelona to study abroad makes this my second time leaving the US in only a matter a weeks and it is absolutely surreal. No matter where you travel to you will experience some form of culture shock and while I’m enjoying my time here thus far, I am already noticing many differences between the US, Hong Kong, and Barcelona. It was also great to kick off the new semester with some fireworks commemorating the La Merce Festival! Overall, I am excited to begin my semester abroad and to increase my Spanish-speaking skills...

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A Passion for Art

By Samantha Schefka, University of Michigan I have enjoyed my classes here more than most classes I take at the University of Michigan. As part of my program, I took a class titled: 20th Century Spanish Artists, Picasso, Dali, and Miro. Because of this class, I have a whole new love and perspective in art. I mainly studied art done by these arts known as “modern masters”; however, we also paralleled these artists with other artists that were famous during their time. Not only did we learn about the art but we learned about the life of the artist...

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Running With the Bulls

By Samantha Schefka, University of Michigan Over the weekend I went to the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona. It was absolutely insane! My friend and I took a six hour bus ride and arrived late at night. After talking to the woman at the desk, I had all the information on when and where the interesting events were going to happen. The bulls run at 8 am and the best place to watch them run was the Plaza de Toros. Luckily, it was only a ten minute walk from the hostel my friends and I were staying...

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My Barcelona Experience

By Samantha Schefka, University of Michigan Today, we are going to a winery. This vineyard is where Cava is made. Cava is similar to champagne. However, it cannot be called champagne because technically champagne is only produced in one region of France. Because of this, this company called their product Cava. The tour was incredible. We went down into the cave of the winery, saw some of the first bottles produced, and tasted the product. I thought it was excellent. I am still confused as to how these products can be so cheap in Spain. I understand that there...

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