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Inclusive Pre-Departure & Diversity Series: Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk: TODOS Diversity Pre-Departure Series Barcelona SAE is launching a new diversity pre-departure online series which is open to all students on our programs.  This optional and interactive webinar series will immediately follow our required general pre-departure sessions for each term, and the topics so far are as follows: Let’s Talk: Race and Ethnicity in Barcelona   Let’s Talk: LGBTQ+ in Barcelona Dates:  Summer 2019:  April 18th at 5:00pm EST Fall 2019: July 2nd at 1:00pm EST Recordings are available, so please email for more information.  ...

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Visiting Seville

By Liliana Brown, California State University – Long Beach Hello! This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Seville and would like to share some tips to make your next trip there even better. Clothing Tips: Locals dress very formally. If you would like to blend in a little bit I would suggest wearing solid colors with one patterned article of clothing. It does tend to be a warm area, I was there in March and everyday it got up to at least 70 degrees (F). Bring some good sunglasses and sunscreen. I would also dress somewhat modestly...

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TODOS Scholars

Donovan Gayles is a junior at Susquehanna University and attended the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) during the Fall Semester of 2018. He is a double major in Political Science/Public Policy with a minor in Economics. He is an advocate for equality and civil rights and will be pursuing a career in the legal system serving as an attorney or employee of the federal government. Outside of the classroom, Donovan spends time in various clubs and activities such as SGA, Susquehanna Admissions, and track and field. Check out his blog...

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Intercultural Training

Mentor Program The goals of the mentor program are for students to have a cultural guide and friend in the city of Barcelona, Spain.  Each mentor is a staff member who is a local or has lived in Spain for a number of years. In the beginning, mentors and mentees meet to set up goals for their time abroad and discussions to prepare them for upcoming challenges by reflecting on different situations. The mentor card game is a reflection tool used by the mentors to target topics of diversity. The game has purple cards outlining situations that were challenging...

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Settling in Barcelona

By Devin Fisher, University of Dayton Barcelona is finally starting to feel like home. After being here for more than a month, what once was culture shock is now my daily life. Between hopping on the metro 5 times a day or eating bread with every meal, my time in Barcelona has been very wholesome– and it’s just past the halfway mark! So far this semester, I have gone on plenty of adventures yet my favorite thing to do is to pass time with my new amigos in the Barcelona SAE program. Since we can all keep in touch...

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